While the days of Windows phones are numbered, with Microsoft’s mobile platform currently in maintenance mode ahead of its demise next year, everything should work correctly until the end of support is reached.

And as it turns out, this isn’t happening, as users still relying on Windows phones for their daily activities keep experiencing various problems.

This time, it’s an error they get when trying to download and update applications, and according to a report from Plaffo, it hits all Windows Phone 8.x versions.

On the other hand, everything appears to work correctly on Windows 10 Mobile, as apps can be updated normally on the newer version of the operating system.

Windows Phone 8.x users, however, can’t do anything about error 805a0193, as it’s most likely a server-side issue that Microsoft needs to correct. Right now, no other connectivity issues are being reported, so the bug is probably hitting the Microsoft Store only.

No fix just yet

Given the current state of Windows Phone, don’t hold your breath for a fix, though Microsoft is expected to resolve the said error sometime in the coming errors.

Windows phones are becoming more of a rare thing these days, as Microsoft no longer releases new features and devices for the platform. Instead, the company only publishes security fixes as part of the Patch Tuesday rollout, waiting for the mid-2019 deadline when Windows 10 Mobile would be retired once and for all.

As for how Microsoft plans to stay relevant in mobile, in addition to apps and services aimed at Android and iOS, the company is also working on a new device codenamed Andromeda and which could see daylight next year.

However, Andromeda wouldn’t be a mobile phone per se, but a device boasting multiple form factors and also offering telephony capabilities, though it’s not yet know how these are going to work.


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