Yesterday Huawei teased its own iteration of the Infinity-O screens that Samsung is planning to implement in 2019 – a selfie camera, tucked into a cutout of the screen. Today an image of a similar device popped up in one person’s hands in a subway carriage in China.

Looking further into the image, we can see the camera lens is positioned in the upper left corner where the notifications appear. There aren’t any notches on the screen, but the pre-production body could be hiding some of them. While the camera seems to be an eye sore, we have to wait until a more clear image appears.

Huawei's teaser for the Infinity-O device

Huawei’s teaser for the Infinity-O device

If the phone is indeed a Huawei and the person using it is probably an employee of the Chinese manufacturer, it is nice to see the 3.5 mm headphone jack is not gone for good. Some sources claim this is the Huawei nova 4, given the new iteration of the series is usually launched in December.




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