Smartphone Coasters for Christmas
They might call them coasters, I’d rather call them phone stands. Perhaps phone seats. Smartphone slippers even?! Either way, if you’re looking for a fun gift for your staff, these might be just the thing.

They’re created in the USA but you can get fairly cheap international shipping. They don’t cost much if you’re buying for an office, for promotional reasons or a group of friends maybe. They will laser-engrave your company logo onto the back and you can send it out to your business contacts – making a useful and memorable business card which will sit on desktops. Send them off this Christmas and, in addition to you getting some advertising, they’re going to get something actually useful.

Made from clear acrylic, they have non-slip silicone feet and hold all sizes of phones. If you’re doing a trade show or presentation, you can also hand them out so that your brand and company get remembered by visitors.



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