Top 5 Feature Phones in Nigeria Under N5,000 in 2019

Last year, I reviewed the best 5 feature phones with a long lasting battery you can purchase to supplement your smartphone. You may check it out if you missed it. The phones reviewed on the post have been proven to not only have strong battery capacity but are of a high-quality standard. Today, I am going to concentrate on the basic feature phones you can buy under ₦5,000 in Nigeria.

Smartphones, as we know, comes with some high-tech functionalities and apps that drain the battery and most times have a poor standby time. Even when some of these phones are released with massive battery capacities, we can barely get up to straight two days standby time without charging. This is why the need for feature phones can never be over-emphasized.

Feature phones in a simple term, are those phones that come with only basic functionalities, such as call making, receiving calls, sending text messages. These phones are cheap, durable, and can offer up to a week standby time in one charge. In Nigeria, millions of these phones are being sold annually and the demand is ever-increasing as the day goes by.

Let’s now have a look at the top 5 feature phones in Nigeria under ₦5,000 in 2019. The list is not in any particular format.

Tecno T349
The Tecno T349 feature phone is one of the best basic phones under ₦5,000 you can lay your hands on in Nigeria. The phone comes with a nice design, a wonderful speaker and produces quality sounds. It also comes with dual charging ports, Facebook and Palmchat to stay connected with friends and family. Tecno T349 features a good 1150mAh battery capacity that promises up to six days standby time on one charge. The price of this phone starts from ₦4,000- ₦5,000. Continue reading by clicking below……

Tecno T349 Full Specifications and see the rest>>>>


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