Instagram is in a mood to revamp its Stories UI and it has already started working on that. And now some good news. The new stories UI looks an awful lot like the Windows Phone camera UI. Yes, the wheel based controller is back.

Instagram stories UI will soon have three tabs, namely, “Live”, “Normal”, “Create” and under each tab, there will be a variety of control settings that allow you to do more and all of these control settings will be crammed into the wheel-based controller. For example, The “Normal” tab gives you various capture modes, AR effects, and many more control settings. To access all of them all you need to do is spin the wheel.

If you are using an iPhone and also using the Obscura camera app then you’re quite familiar with the set-up. And if we compare, Instagram’s new Stories UI is more of an Obscura and less of a Windows Phone while the purpose remains the same. You can see the comparison below.

Note, this feature is a work in progress, meaning that you might have to wait a little longer for the new Stories UI to hit your Instagram app.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong


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