Last week’s poll shows that the Galaxy S10+ is the one to have from Samsung Galaxy S10’s LTE trio. It took in nearly 40% of the vote, leaving its two siblings in its rear view mirror.

People appreciated the Dynamic AMOLED display and the addition of an ultra-wide angle camera, the battery life was rated highly too. Some weren’t happy with the in-display fingerprint reader, but the major complaint against the S10 phones was that they didn’t feel particularly innovative.

The Galaxy S10, despite being fairly similar, only secured 22% of the vote – that’s 2 percentage points lower than the “Pass” option.

A surprising amount of Galaxy S10e supporters piped up, especially people who like its size. Still, the “e” ended up in last place, even further behind the “Pass” option.

This result isn’t a huge surprise, the new phones broke pre-order records in the US and the UK, but in both cases the Galaxy S10+ accounted for more than half of all orders.



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