Most seniors are familiar with cellphones with a majority of them using them to communicate daily. Apart from regular mobile phones, elders are also embracing smartphones which were thought to be too complicated for the elderly. Fortunately, most smartphones are being designed with the end user in mind, making it easier for seniors to find one that matches their current needs. Whether a senior is buying a new smartphone or upgrading to a better one, they are likely to find one that suits their lifestyle.  

Advantages of smartphones for seniors

Although smartphones may not be the right choice for all seniors, the majority of them can master their ins and outs allowing them to enjoy the benefits they offer. Some of the merits of smartphones for elders include:

Better communication

Apart from making calls and receiving calls, seniors that own smartphones can also send different types of graphics such as photos and videos. Elders feel a more significant connection when they can share more information about their daily lives with loved ones and receive updates from their family members. Some smartphones have a video chatting feature that allows elders to have face to face conversations with friends and loved ones. 

Source of entertainment

Seniors no longer have to feel bored with a smartphone by their side. The phones have a variety of entertainment features such as games, podcasts, and audiobooks that they can interact with throughout the day. Elders that might find it hard to read regular books because of poor eyesight can listen to their favorite books on their mobile phones. Also, the games that come with the smartphone or are downloaded keeps their minds alert and allows them to have fun as well. 

Management of smart devices 

Smart devices are designed to make life easier for seniors that live alone and need help performing everyday tasks. To better manage these devices, elders can link them to a smartphone that allows them to control various devices from one point using specialized applications. These applications make it possible for the elderly to do stuff like turn on their lights, radio and even thermostat without touching the actual devices.

Availability of practical mobile apps

Smartphones allow users to download as many applications as possible depending on the space available on their device. Seniors can have apps that make their lives easier regardless of their age and daily routine. Some of the apps that elders can download can help them remember important appointments, receive alerts and even help them keep a budget. Most of these apps are designed to help seniors live an independent life at all times. 

Assistance by virtual assistants

Both Android phones and iPhones have virtual assistants that answer when spoken to. These personal assistants are ideal for seniors that are having a hard time navigating their smartphones. Most times, the voice commands need some bit of practice before they master an individual’s voice but once they do, they can provide a wide array of information to seniors.

Top 5 smartphones for seniors

Although more seniors are buying smartphones because of the benefits they offer, it is vital that they choose the best one for their way of life. Fortunately, some of the best cordless phones for seniors are available in online stores and physical ones, making it possible for them to buy one at their convenience. Below is a list of some smartphones that are ideal for senior citizens of all ages. 

  1. Doro 824 SmartEasy

Older adults that are interested in the quality of their calls will find the Doro 824 SmartEasy phone worth checking out. The smartphone whose mobile applications and icons are large making it easy for seniors to navigate. Also, it has an emergency button that is useful for seniors that are learning the ins and outs of smartphones. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Seniors that are not comfortable with a touch screen can opt for a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that has a stylus. The stylus makes it easier for older adults to use the phone without using their fingers to move from one part of the screen to another. The smartphone also has a long-life battery that ensures the user is never out of reach because they do not have to charge their phone daily. Besides the Note 5, there exists a Note 9 which is the recent version and still ideal for seniors. 

  1. Jitterbug Smart 2 Great Call

Elders in the low-income bracket are not left out of the smartphone craze with some phones being explicitly designed for that market. Jitterbug Smart 2 is one such phone which offers basic features allowing seniors to call, receive texts and even surf the internet. Apart from having a user-friendly interface, the smartphone provides health applications targeted towards older adults. 

  1. BlackBerry Key 2

Seniors that prefer a keyboard to help them type out messages and navigate the internet will love the Blackberry key 2. The smartphone has a unique design and build that makes it easy to use by older adults. It has many features that set it apart from other mobile phones such as dual camera, long battery life and a variety of security features. Also, seniors that are going for a professional look should buy this smartphone.  

  1. Moto G5 Plus

Older adults that are on a budget can still enjoy the features of a smartphone by buying the Moto G5 Plus. The Android phone is reliable and the best for seniors that want to call or receive calls while browsing through the internet. Its fingerprint sensor is one of its best features and is ideal for elders that want to access their phones using the most straightforward method possible. Also, its camera can take both still photos and video in HD giving its users a chance to share high-quality images. 

Overall, seniors looking to buy smartphones should consider purchasing those that are easy to navigate and have features that will enhance their current lifestyle. 



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