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Huawei Ships 1 Million Smartphones With Its Hongmeng OS : smartphone

Huawei LogoEven in the midst of so many companies like Google, Facebook, etc. cutting ties with Huawei, the company remains unshaken as it has managed to ship 1 million smartphones...

Oppo and Xiaomi show front camera under display : smartphone

,, SmartPhone, camera,display,front,notch,Oppo,show,smartphones,under,without,xiaomi, ZoomApps | Apps World, Reviews, Tech News , zoomapps,

With 5G modem and Cortex-A77 for budget smartphones : smartphone

,, SmartPhone, 5G,budget,cortex,CortexA77,mediatek,modem,smartphones,SoC, ZoomApps | Apps World, Reviews, Tech News , zoomapps,

Top 5 Feature Phones in Nigeria under ₦5,000 in 2019 : smartphone

Top 5 Feature Phones in Nigeria Under N5,000 in 2019Last year, I reviewed the best 5 feature phones with a long lasting battery you can purchase to supplement your smartphone....

Subway operator creates WiFi motion profiles : smartphone

,, SmartPhone, creates,london,motion,operator,profiles,subway,WiFi, ZoomApps | Apps World, Reviews, Tech News , zoomapps,

What is the best free anti malware for my phone? And yes I absolutely...

The company I got my phone from intentionally built in horrible adware. I get intense crazy popups all the time. It all comes from an app I can uninstall just...

WhatsApp from 2020 with advertising in the status area : smartphone

,, SmartPhone, advertising,Area,filling,screen,Screenfilling,status,whatsapp, ZoomApps | Apps World, Reviews, Tech News , zoomapps,

Rom flashing, dual sim phones and sim locking. : smartphone

I have a dual sim phone that has a serious adware problem. The best way to fix it seems to be flashing it. I have free American assistance service on...

[HELP!] I have an adware app(s) on my phone. And it won’t go away....

I recently got a free American Assistance lifeline phone. The bran is True Slim and A.A. is the service provider. I need help permanently removing app(s) that come with the...

Can someone please help me understand dual sim phones? : smartphone

I have a dual sim phone. It's only tied to one sim card. The service I have on the phone only uses one sim card. Could this mean that the...
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